List Of Proposed Programs. Tell your Opinion, Choices and Proposals!

Please tell us your opinion about named software. Please select what you believe it could be useful or are interested in and assume that everything will work properly. Tell us a price you could imagine and some remarks to the software and your choice. Suggestions for improvements are also welcome. Fill out whatever you believe is right. For submitting at least name and email address are necessary. Thank you in advance. All who opted for a SW will get 20% off from normal price when this is published and many more +ADVANTAGES+.

No Program-Cathegory Program-Name Description Select Propose Price Remarks
1 PC-Tools ReadDrives_Ident Read identification Data of USB, physical, logical and CIM media disks and drives. Set and free drive protection, access, attributes. Most of not direct accessible via operating system given user interfaces.  EUR
2 Word Processing TextEdi Simple Text Editor with special outfit and features  EUR
3 Word Processing RichTextEdi Free Rich Text Editor with special outfit and features. No edition is a concurrency to big programs like Microsoft Word but a simple to handle alternative, bringing other advantages, which some people might need or want.  EUR
4 Word Processing RichTextEdi Rich Text Editor with special outfit and features  EUR
5 Word Processing RichTextEdi Plus Rich Text Editor with special outfit and features. Adding to base version more encryption and compression, document signature and some more.  EUR
6 PC Security PC-Guard PC Key and Data security. Configurable (e.g. funny) and informative, quick and easy but safe login and logout from PC. Saves time, gives freedom. Data and progams security.   EUR
7 PC Security PC-Guard Light PC Key and Data Security, light version of PC-Guard.  EUR
8 PC Security PC-Guard on order PC-Guard adapted and configured for enterprises or everybody. In collaboration to enterprises IT department or as ordered by customer.  EUR
9 PC Security RPWSafe Password organizer and safe keeper. Automatic handling.   EUR
10 PC Security EncodeZipper Program allows several methods of compression and encryption for files and data  EUR
11 EMail and Data DocMailMan Original way to bundle email reception, documents, comments and own remarks, analyzing and response. Many features.  EUR
12 EMail and Data DocMailMan Plus Like DocMailMan but with cloud access, additional features and synchronization of work on several devices.  EUR


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